You Snooze, You Lose

You Snooze, You Lose




Sleep was long regarded as a passive rest phase – i.e. as unproductive, or even a complete waste of time. "You snooze, you lose“, as they say – but nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, a multitude of psychological and physical processes take place during sleep which are extremely important for our health and well-being.

From Thomas Tuchel to the Chicago Bulls to the Wallabies
Top athletes have already discovered this fact. The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Thomas Tuchel, hired a sleep consultant at Borussia Dortmund years ago. And in America's NBA teams like the Chicago Bulls are investing in optimising their players' sleep. Australian AFL and Rugby Teams are investing big money in sleep improvement!



Sleep deficit can have serious consequences. This was the finding of a study (Milewski M.D. et al) which investigated chronic reduced sleep in adolescent athletes. For adolescents who slept 9 hours a night, the risk of injury was around 18 percent. If sleep was reduced to 7 hours, the risk of injury rose to a remarkable 60%. But the result with 6 hours sleep was even more dramatic. The risk of injury during sports was over 70%. 


A study at Stanford University (Mah C. D. et al) showed that the Stanford basketball team, who slept as long as they could for 5-7 weeks and spent at least 10 hours a day in bed, had a better response time, speed, and accuracy compared to the baseline. This study, like many others, points to the important link between sleep, response times, and stamina in professional athletes. 


Routines are vital for good sleep. According to experts, they are the best remedy for sleep disorders. In addition to the right sleeping environment, BLACKROLL® offers you routines that can improve your sleeping behavior. We have put together this routine for you so that you can start relaxing right away. Over time, you'll be able to create your own exercise routine with tools that will do you good. So you can release your tensions in a way that works for you. It is important to roll slowly and exhale twice as long as inhaling.

Fall asleep well with BLACKROLL® products

  • Start your sleeping routine by brushing your teeth. For additional relaxation and sleep preparation, slowly and gently lay down on the floor and roll your back and neck with the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL and release tension in these sensitive areas. The more you can relax the easier it will be to fall asleep.
  • Sit comfortably on the floor in your bedroom. You can stretch your legs out or cross them. Now inhale deeply and exhale deeply and make sure that the exhalation is about twice as long as the inhalation.
  • Sleep in a dark room and enjoy the comfort of the BLACKROLL PILLOW
  • Start the morning with a very simple and quick sequence of movements utilising the DUOBALL or any other BLACKROLL® tools you have got handy 
  • Click here to watch a short clip for inspiration



  • Perfect for at home and on the road 
  • Promotes healthy sleep and sleep routines
  • High-tech memory foam
  • Ergonomic neck bow and head moulding
  • Two sides for four sleeping positions
  • Washable and breathable
  • Made in Germany and OEKO-TEX® certified


Sleep is the core of recovery in sport and everyday life. Both competitive athletes and people who want to be successful at work and in everyday life benefit from better sleep. The RECOVERY PILLOW improves sleep through its ergonomic and active breathing properties, but is also part of your sleep routine, reminding you to consciously deal with sleep. The pillow can be the starting point of a lifestyle change where you begin to perform conscious routines before sleeping and sleep better and healthier. 


The fewest people are those who sleep on their stomach – about 13 percent of the population according to surveys. Stomach sleepers usually sleep more restlessly and often turn to their side at night. Stomach sleepers should make sure that the pillow is not too high, otherwise neck and shoulder tensions can result. 

About 17 percent of the population sleeps on their back. The pillow should gently support the head to relieve the spine. The ergonomic head recess of the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW ensures a relaxed lying position and a good feeling during sleep.

Almost 60 percent of the people are side sleepers. For these people, it is important for the pillow to fill the shoulder-neck triangle and stop in front of the shoulders. Thanks to its ergonomic neck curve, the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is shaped to provide optimum support for the head, preventing tension. 

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