What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is used by many athletes and is also used to treat several conditions. In this article you can read all about cupping, what is it, what are the benefits of cupping, which kind of cupping sets are there and where to buy the cupping sets.


What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative therapy in which the therapist places vacuum cups on your skin to create suction. These cups can be made of glass, bamboo, earthenware or silicone. There are two different kinds of cupping massage therapy: dry cupping and wet cupping. During dry cupping, the cups are placed onto the skin for several minutes. Wet cupping is similar, except for the fact that blood is removed by making small cuts in the skin.


What does cupping massage do?

Cupping therapy increases the blood circulation in the areas where the cups are placed on your body. Cupping therapy is used for many purposes, it can be used for inflammation and sore muscles. Which can improve the overall blood flow and promote cell repair.

Fasciq silicone cupping shoulder (2)



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                  cupping set of 4 cellulite cups

What are the benefits of cupping?

Thanks to the increased blood circulation a wide variety of conditions can be improved, for example:
• Blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia
• Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia
• Fertility and gynecological disorders
• Skin problems such as eczema and acne
• High blood pressure
• Migraines
• Anxiety and depression
• Bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma
• Varicose veins
• Back and neck pain


What type of cupping sets are there?

There are several kinds of cupping sets for different purposes.


1.Facial cupping

First, we have the facial cupping set , this is specifically designed for the treatment of the face, neck and décolleté region of the body. This method stimulates the connective tissue and cells to release waste, promote lymph and blood flow, which ends in a smoother and firmer-looking skin.


2. Cellulite cups

Over 90% of the women have cellulite on their hips, legs and buttock. Most people refer to it as an orange peel skin. The cellulite cups activate the circulation and break down fat deposits that can cause dimples and bumps. Cellulite cups may not fully remove the cellulite, but these cups will help to reduce it.


3. Sport cups

Many athletes use sports cupping to treat and improve mobility and movement disfunctions. Cupping therapy is said to increase the blood supply to specific area and athletes use it to help heal the sore and tired muscles.



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Where to buy silicone cupping sets?

In our shop you can find several different kinds of silicone cupping sets. For example, the facial cupping set, cellulite cupping set, sports cupping set and a normal cupping set. You can also choose a fascia cream which will work well with the FASCIQ® cupping sets.

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