Blackroll Needleroller

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  • Stimulation of the superficial fascia layers
  • You'll feel the tingling, perfusion-supporting effect immediately
  • Pain sensitivity is reduced
  • Can regulate collagen and elastin production

What's Included:



 The stimulation of superficial fascial layers with the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER has a variety of effects. The nerve endings in the skin and upper layers of the fascia are stimulated. For chronic pain, this can break the pain feedback loops. The tissues will be optimally prepared for subsequent therapeutic treatments. The tingling, perfusion-supporting effect is felt immediately, and pain sensitivity is significant reduced after just a short period of use. In combination with treatment of deeper layers of tissue, the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER can regulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The pressure of the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER can be dispensed with great precision. Roll it back and forth on the skin to stimulate the free nerve endings in the skin. The NEEDLEROLLER is particularly well-suited for stimulating the reflex and acupuncture zones. It is also perfect for preparing to work with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, the BLACKROLL® MINI, the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL, and the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER, but it can also be used after rollout.

The needles are configured to provide an optimal, health promoting stimulus without damaging the skin. Therefore it is sufficient to clean the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER regularly for personal use with water, soap and a brush at regular intervals. The metals selected specifically for their stimulating effect are not stainless; Dry the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER with a commercially available hairdryer. If you are using the NEEDLEROLLER in your therapeutic practice, please follow the standard cleaning protocol, but be sure to use a sterile sterilizer. The BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER should be stored between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius and not too moist (humidity below 80%). Avoid storage under direct sunlight. 


Reduce the pressure should redness and skin irritation occur. If the stimulation is too intense at first, you can lessen it by a thin cloth between the roller and the skin. Consult your doctor before using the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER, if you are suffering from: 

  • Acute Infectious Diseases 
  • Acute or febrile phases of chronic diseases 
  • Acute trauma (e.g., bone fractures, blood clots, thromboses) 
  • Cardiovascular diseases 
  • Varicose veins 
  • After surgery, wounds, burns and frostbite 
  • Skin diseases 
  • Taking anticoagulant ("blood thinning") medication 

If you are uncertain about other illnesses or in case of pregnancy, always consult with your doctor or therapist in advance.


Made in Ukraine