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    Would you like to stay fit at home?

    The BLACKROLL® HOME FITNESS SET offers an essential tool selection for a balanced exercise routine. With these tools you can bring the gym into the comfort of your home. Start your home workout now!

    The set includes:



    DUOBALL 08 (08cm diameter)

    LOOP BAND (32cm, small resistance band, medium resistance)

    CARRY BAG (for all above tools)

    Especially in times when your usual fitness, sports or training activities are unavailable or restricted it is even more important to stay active, regenerate and take care of your body.

    The solution is FITNESS AT HOME! 

    Working out from home is easy and inexpensive and with the HOME FITNESS SET you can perform a large variety of mobilisation, recovery, activation, strength, stability and even cardio exercises. All for the good of your immune system!


    The set includes BLACKROLL®s’  most popular fascia training tools.

    The trusted BLACKROLL® STANDARD is not only ideal for full body self-massage and recovery exercises, it can also be used for functional training and stability training applications. With this tool you can stay active even in your living room. This versatile foam roller is ideal to improve mobility and movement as well as treating tight muscles / tissue and related common pain symptoms.

    The practical MINI FLOW is ideal for massaging your feet including the plantar fascia and also your arms. Depending on the rolling direction, the MINI FLOW can either activate or regenerate and recover your fascia and muscles. This tiny and clever tool can be used in your home on a wall, table or of course on the floor.

    The DUOBALL 08 is ideal for targeted massage of parallel aligned muscle chains. Due to the narrow bridge in between the two connected balls this tool is especially effective for massaging your back, shoulders and neck, as it does not apply pressure to the bony structures of the spine during the rollout in these sensible areas. Effectively release tensions and hot spots (also called trigger points) by gently applying pressure to your muscles and tissue.

    All BLACKROLL® fascia training tools are made of 100% recyclable material, are made in Germany and offer a huge variety and applications for training and self care at home.

    The products are practical, very versatile, long lasting, don't use much space and are very light weight. They offer a compact gym or studio solution for your home without breaking the bank and the need of too many other tools.


    The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND is a real innovation for the fitness and resistance band market. It is especially designed to train and activate smaller muscle chains with the purpose of injury prevention due to improved strength, stability, and proprioception. At the same time you are able to target and train muscles and tissues that usually would not be activated regularly during your favourite sports or workout sessions. The fitness band is only 32cm long which makes it very portable and it can be used for a vast array of exercises and even stretches. The green LOOP BAND is of medium resistance and the fabric makes it a very comfortable, long lasting and hygienic resistance band that does not roll up, pull hair or pinch your skin. It is washable at 60°C and the latex free interwoven natural rubber does not create a worry for people with allergies. The huge variety of LOOP BAND exercises don’t usually use much space, therefore the band is another great and essential addition to your home gym.