The Best Massage Gun 2022


The BLACKROLL® FASCIA MASSAGE GUN is here, introducing the most efficient recovery and activation with vibration technology yet.

There are so many massage guns in the market now, but not all are the same. In fact the majority are not able to deliver what our muscles and fascia require to achieve efficient recovery. So make sure you invest in the right device and stay away from the lowest priced units, as they do not deliver what you are after.

Below we talk about what values a massage gun should hold and also a deeper dive into the features of the new BLACKROLL® FASCIA MASSAGE GUN.


Power & speed:

It is important that a massage gun has enough power so it does not stall easy when you apply pressure during use. In order to have an intense massage effect and also to reach into deeper tissue and muscle layers, a massage gun needs to have a certain amount of power (stall force). Especially when you are using it for recovery in low speed levels you need to be able to apply the required pressure without your gun stalling on you. Usually you find that larger and more expensive massage guns have a higher stall force than the more compact and more affordable smaller guns with lower force. So when you buy a small massage gun, make sure that you look for an option with a high stall force like the BLACKROLL® Fascia Gun which offers 14.5 kg (33.86 lbs).

Having a range of speeds is very important when choosing a massage gun. But it is not about how many speed level you have, it is about the range. The slower the frequency the more effective the gun will be for recovery and the faster frequencies are used when muscle and neural activation is required.
The BLACKROLL® Facia Gun has 4 different speed levels, ranging from 1200 to 3200 rpm. Due to the very low 1200 rpm (lowest in the market) in level one this is the widest range of speeds over any other small quality massage gun available. Levels one and two have been developed to operate below 30 Hz frequency to provide two settings for effective muscle recovery, pain point release and general relaxation. The low 1200 rpm in level one makes our gun also very useful for a nice and relaxing massage experience in more sensitive areas around the neck, back and shoulders which require a more gentle and slow setting to feel comfortable. Levels three and four offer higher frequencies above 30 Hz which is used for muscle activation, stimulation and training preparation. (Read more about the four levels below). Important: Most small massage guns in the market start only from 1800 rpm as their lowest setting which is for most people too intense for a relaxing massage near the head and general recovery! Therefore the BLACKROLL® device, with the low 1200 rpm, has a real advantage if you are looking to relieve tensions in your neck, back and shoulders, and achieve the best result for recovery.

Having a massage gun that is light weight and compact makes traveling and taking the gun where you go much easier. This also motivates you to use the gun more often resulting in a better recovery routine. The BLACKROLL® FASCIA GUN weights only 544 g, being the lightest gun in this category. It is also the most compact with only 140mm x 87mm x 48mm. This makes putting the FASCIA GUN in a pack or bag easy.

Battery Life:
In having a massage gun last as long as possible without having to recharge the battery will leave you waiting less and recovering more. The average battery life for a small massage gun is 2.66 hours, whereas the BLACKROLL® FASCIA GUN has a battery life of up to 15 hours. This is simply because it has a more efficient battery than others.


When investing hundreds of dollars into a product like a massage gun, it is important to know that you are covered if the product has any problems or gets damaged. The BLACKROLL® FASCIA MASSAGE gun is covered by the BLACKROLL® manufacturer warranty and their 100% satisfaction guarantee.'

Value for Money:
Being saturated with options in todays market, choosing a product that provides the desired performance for a reasonable price is in your interest. With a reasonable $259.90 for the BLACKROLL® FASCIA GUN offering the best performance in it's category and having a quality leader like BLACKROLL® to back it up, you can be confident with your choice.


When you are using a massage gun, the noise levels are very important. Often people use guns when they are watching TV, talking to others, on public transport or trying to relax. This is why, having a noisy massage gun can be irritating and very unnecessary. BLACKROLL® have managed to create the quietest massage gun in the category and even with it being the most powerful. Most comparable guns average at around at 60-70 decibels with the BLACKROLL® gun comparing at a low of 55 decibels which is almost no noise at all. With this gun, you can massage anywhere, anytime and make the most of your relax time.

You are in the market for a small massage gun and you are looking for a quality product in Australia, here is a great massage gun comparison chart for the major players in this space.



Blackroll Fascia Gun


One of the main things that BLACKROLL® had to figure out was what frequency of vibration was the best for recovery and activation.
The FASCIA GUN has a max speed of 3200 RPM (53.3 Hz) which provides an intense massage experience, but uniquely the speed can also be dialled down to a very low 1200 RPM (20 Hz) which is crucial for true muscle relaxation and recovery. This is the lowest frequency out of any quality small gun currently available. And due to the high stall force, you can still work with good pressure, even at this low speed.
Based on scientific findings that suggest a better tissue relaxation and recovery effect in lower vibration frequencies, we have emphasised on including the lower RPM levels as well as ensuring an intense effect in the high RPM settings.


You can choose between 4 vibration levels:
Level 1 Relax Mode
20 Hz; 1200 rpm. (3-4 minutes per application area.)
The Relax Mode offers a very low-frequency vibration for effective relaxation and recovery during resting times or before going to sleep. For best effects, always apply low pressure during the application.
Level 2 Post Exercise Mode 
28,3 Hz; 1700 rpm. (2-3 minutes per application area.)
The Post Exercise Mode is intended for post-training cool-down and muscle ache prevention purposes. The vibration speed in this mode helps to improve circulation and to desensitise painful areas within your muscles and tissue. This aids effective and fast recovery.
Level 3 Pre Exercise Mode 
45Hz; 2700 rpm. (30 seconds - 2 minutes per application area.)
The Pre Exercise Mode is developed for preparation and activation before movement. The vibration speed in this mode enhances blood and fluid circulation for better tissue state and hydration. This can lead to increased mobility, improved performance and a reduced risk of injury.
Level 4: Pro Mode 
53.3 Hz; 3200 rpm. (30 - 60 seconds per application area.)
The Pro Mode is intended for intense application only and we recommend it to be used with caution, especially if you are sensitive to pain. This high vibration mode can be beneficial for large muscle groups like quads and glutes and is also most suitable before training or competition.


What attachments does the FASCIA gun come with & what do they do?
The BLACKROLL® FASCIA GUN includes four attachments, catering for multiple massage types:

  1. SILICONE BALL: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The silicone ball is our favourite choice for the Relax Mode, it provides a nice grip on the skin for a gentle but effective massage of specific areas.
  2. SILICONE FORK: Suitable for applications in areas with parallel aligned muscle strings, like on both sides of the achilles tendon or the upper trapezius muscle.
  3. SILICONE TRIGGER: The ideal attachment for a targeted vibration massage application on trigger points. Supports the effective release of adhesions within the tissue and softens knots and tense muscle areas.
  4. METAL FLAT: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The sliding metal surface allows a smooth gliding on clothing as well as directly on the skin. For added comfort, this attachment can also be used in combination with massage oil.


What about Amplitude or Travel?

The amplitude (or travel) of a massage gun defines how far the massage head can travel back and forth and is usually measured in mm. Currently there is no scientific evidence that large percussion guns with longer travel (around 15-18mm) have a particular benefit over guns with shorter travel (7-12mm) which is often found in smaller guns. The goal with a massage gun is to reach and manipulate shallow as well as deeper muscle and tissue layers as required. To reach the deeper levels we found it is most important to be able to apply adequate pressure while the massage head is moving. With more or less pressure we can define how much force we transfer into our muscles and how deep it goes. If a massage gun is not able to move the massage head while under pressure because of a low stall force (not enough power), then it is irrelevant how much amplitude (travel) your massage gun can perform. This is again especially important for small massage guns as they often do not have enough stall force to apply the required pressure. The BLACKROLL FASCIA GUN has with 7.55mm a quite small amplitude, but since it has the highest stall force (most power) in it's category it can be operated under the most pressure and therefore it can best reach into deeper muscle and tissue layers. Despite the relatively small amplitude the BLACKROLL gun is a very effective little tool and we do not see a disadvantage here at all.

So when comparing small massage guns it is key to choose power over amplitude. We also found that a smaller amplitude can be better controlled and is more pleasant than when we tested the large guns which often cause bruising and can also cause injury.