Wound Spray

Wound is an innovative and 100% natural wound spray for daily use. This patented technology helps to speed up the natural (physiological) wound healing process. It is used for the wound bed, the wound margin and the skin surrounding the wound. The spray is suitable for both acute and chronic wounds. You can apply it without touching the wound.

Articles on the use of Neem Oil (Oleum Azadirachtae), St John's Wort Oil (Oleum Hyperici) the patented ingredients to "wound"

A plant-derived wound therapeutic for cost-effective treatment of post-surgical scalp wounds with exposed bone (2014)

Treatment of peristomal wounds with a topic Neem and Red Hypericum Oil application: Case Studies (2019)

Treatment of Peristomal granulomatosis with a Neem and Red Hypericum Oil application: Case studies (2019)

Size reduction and improvement of ano-genital warts plate through the application of MIX557-Oleum Hyperici and Neem oil before surgical removal. Preliminary result (2019) 

Management of acute skin toxicity with Hypericum perforatum and neem oil during platinum-based concurrent chemo-radiation in head and neck cancer patients (2017)- locked article

An overview of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and its potential impact on health 2020

Potential of neem (Azadirachta indica L.) for prevention and treatment of oncologic diseases (2016)- locked article

Medicinal plants and their components for wound healing applications (2021)

Wound Healing and the Use of Medicinal Plants (2019)


Clinical trials of (1 Wound Spray)

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