Scar Management Workshop (2)

Topical management for the prevention and reduction of keloid and hypertrophic scarring.

Keloid and Hypertrophic scarring is well established in literature to be linked with issues of pain, redness, itchiness, tissue restriction as well as HRQOL.

As part of OneUp's  journey to create awareness on leading advances in scar management, we run educational in-services on wound closure and the potential risks of irregular scar healing. 

Aided by the benefits of our Scar Management ranges ALHYDRAN, BAPSCARCARE and SCARBAN, we discuss the use of topical treatments and the clinically proven benefits in improving scar healing and reducing symptomatic and irregular scarring. 

Our workshop experiences;

National Burns Society: Womans Retreat



Burns Survivor Sundays



Plastic Surgery Nurses Symposium

 Plastic Surgery Nurses Symposium


 Head & Neck Cancer Society/Plastic Surgery Conference (ANZHNCS/NZAPS)



Radiation Oncology 


Middlemore Burns Unit



Clinical In-services