Thysol Academy

THYSOL Academy 

Open platform for Online Kinesiology Taping and Fascia Therapy Courses

THYSOL Academy is an open educational platform and contains online human kinesiology taping-, canine & equine kinesiology taping- and fascia therapy courses.

The platform will give our international instructors, dealers and partners a space to present and offer their educational courses. The modules within the e-learning platform are all related to the medical segments that the THYSOL Group is active in.

The providers of the courses will all have the freedom to structure, define and develop their own content

Thysol Academy Kinesiology & Fascia Therapy courses 

Why choose THYSOL Academy?

  • Choose your preferred Kinesiology Taping- and Fascia Therapy Course instructor.

  • A variety of educational Kinesiology Taping- and Fascia Therapy Course material available.

  • All of our instructors have many years experience in the field with invaluable knowledge.

  • Ideal for advanced professionals as well as beginners.