Blackroll Compression Boots - FAQ's


Can they be worn on other body parts than legs?

No. The COMPRESSION BOOTS are only suitable and optimised for use on the legs.

In which position should I use the BOOTS?

Wear the COMPRESSION BOOTS in a comfortable sitting or lying position. If you wish, you can also place your legs in an elevated position.

Can't I just raise my legs up for the same effect?

The COMPRESSION BOOTS and elevating the legs have different mechanisms of action. Overall, the COMPRESSION BOOTS are more effective than elevating the legs due to their continuous and uniform compression.

How to turn the BOOTS on and off?

On the side of the control unit you will find an on/off slider. With this you switch on the BOOTs and can also release pressure from the BOOTS immediately if it gets too much.

How to I couple/synchronise the two BOOTS?

If the two BOOTS do not pair automatically, you can perform the pairing manually: Press and hold the power button on one of the control units for at least 5 seconds. You will recognize the start of the coupling process when the pressure display begins to run up and down. As soon as this state is reached, repeat the procedure on the other control unit. It doesn't matter which side you start with. Once the pairing is complete, the pressure indicators will light up normally again. One of the two power buttons will now blink slowly. The flashing control unit is now the one with which you can control both BOOTS together.

How do I change the massage mode?

To change the massage mode, press the massage mode button and select. This is the button above the power button.

How do I charge the battery

The battery can be charged with a conventional 5V-2A power supply (USB). Fast chargers should be avoided, otherwise the battery may be damaged. With a conventional USB power plug the battery only takes around 1.5 hours to charge.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on the pressure level used. Generally, it can be said that the battery lasts for approx. 60 minutes. The battery usually lasts for two full application cycles at medium pressure level. If you need longer battery life, for example if you are a trainer or therapist and want to do several treatments in a row, you can buy additional spare batteries. While one set of batteries is in use with the boots the second set can be charged up again and it only takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge, so you can keep the BOOTS in operation.

Can I take the BOOTS on a plane?

The COMPRESSION BOOTS can be taken on the plane as carry on luggage. Or you can take only the batteries into carry on luggage and pack the BOOTS into your checked baggage.

How to clean the BOOTS?

You can clean the surface of the BOOTS either with a damp cloth or with a cloth with disinfectant (non-caustic). Do not clean the battery during charging.