The below study shows that training fascia can also have a positive impact on mental health:

Less pain, less stress, less dizziness and a better mental state was the result of simply rolling out the feet daily.

The study was performed by Christopher Gordon and Carmen Graf (et al.) - from the Centre of Integrative Therapy in Germany - who researched the relation between self-massage of the plantar fascia (foot soles) and its effects on psycho-physiological states; the level of well-being, both physically and psychologically.

37 test persons were observed. They got assigned with the task to self-massage their foot soles for 3 consecutive weeks on a daily base for at least 10 minutes (using the BLACKROLL® MINI).

Besides the effects on physiological well-being (less pain, less stiffness, less dizziness) it became significantly obvious that some participants felt less sad, distressed and disheartened and developed generally a more positive state of mind. This study became therefore a discussion point at the worldwide Fascia Congress in Washington DC too.

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