How ALHYDRAN helps recovery from radiotherapy

How ALHYDRAN helps recovery from radiotherapy

Head and neck cancer: How Alhydran helps aid recovery

H & N cancer is cancer that develops in the mouth, nose, throat, salivary glands and other areas of head and neck. Most start in cells called squamous cells, which line the moist surfaces of the mouth, nose and throat.


In 2020, H & N cancers represented approximately 5 percent of all cancers worldwide. 


Given the nature of these cancers, radiotherapy is one of the more common - and effective - forms of treatment.


We recently presented at (ARO) Auckland Radiation & Oncology's education evening to showcase how Alhydran is helping patients around the world deal with the impacts of radiotherapy.


The skin has to endure a lot of punishment during and after radiotherapy. During the treatment, the irradiated skin gradually becomes more damaged, causing skin reactions and ultimately unpleasant symptoms.


ALHYDRAN has been proven to protect the skin, keep the skin supple (hydrated), help relieve symptoms and speeds up the repair of the skin during and after radiotherapy.


Using a hydrating cream has clinical benefits in the treatment of radiation dermatitis.


We'd like to thank the team at ARO for inviting us along.


If you'd like to get in touch to learn more about ALHYDRAN, please email Or call 0800 734 221.


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