Buying your first foam roller - what to know

Buying your first foam roller - what to know

As foam rollers become increasingly popular, the different variety of foam rollers available in New Zealand also grows. While this may be confusing for people looking to buy their first roller, there are a few simple criteria to keep in mind when making your purchase.

Know what type of treatment you’re looking for

The biggest influence on which foam roller you’re going to need, is what kind of treatment you’re looking for - as different types of rollers provide different results.

Firm rollers like the Blackroll Standard provide an intense massage ideal for myofascial release, while softer rollers like Blackroll MED provide a more gentle massage ideal for recovery.

Size matters

Once you know what kind of massage you want, you’ll need to decide whether to go for a long or short roller. Long rollers can be used for a wider variety of pilates exercises, while smaller rollers are often easier for mobility, myofascial release and of course travel. 

Quality over everything

While it may be tempting to opt for a $9 roller, you should be aware that cheap foam rollers are often made from less-than-ideal materials which don’t provide true myofascial release.

They also have dramatically shorter usage-life because lower quality foam loses its shape and hardness over time.

We’re pleased to be able to stock one of the world’s highest-quality range of foam rollers for the Kiwi market - our Blackroll foam rollers are German-engineered, and come with a lifetime warranty.

All different sizes and shapes of roller are available on our website, along with Blackroll’s other range of recovery tools like loop bands and trigger balls. View our range of Blackroll tools by visiting: 

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