Alhydran Special Care- Eczema

Alhydran Special Care- Eczema

ALHYDRAN works for hypostatic eczema

Research by the University of Maastricht shows that ALHYDRAN works against hypostatic eczema. The conclusion: ALHYDRAN is an effective, safe and useful agent in the treatment of mild to moderate hypostatic eczema. Without side effects.

The results of the study were published in February 2017. You can read the entire scientific publication online . In this article we provide a brief summary.


What is Hypostatic Eczema?

Hypostatic eczema is a type of eczema that only occurs on the (lower) legs. It arises from chronic venous failure of the legs. It mainly occurs in older women, but men can also suffer from it.

Do you have hypostatic eczema? Then you know better than anyone what effect this has on your skin:

  • redness
  • crusts
  • Pain
  • flaking
  • Itch


Researched by Maastricht University

In 2017, Maastricht University investigated the effects of ALHYDRAN on hypostatic eczema. 18 patients participated in the clinical study.

Purpose of the investigation

This study mapped the effects of ALHYDRAN on symptoms of hypostatic eczema. As well as to complaints that patients have due to the eczema:

  • Bad night's sleep
  • Bad mood
  • Less social contact

The researchers were specifically curious about how the working parts of ALHYDRAN work:

  • Aloe Vera (which deeply moisturizes the skin)
  • Fats (which retain and regulate moisture well)

Research method

18 patients from a wound clinic were selected for the study. ALHYDRAN was applied to the skin 2 times a day. The effects of this were monitored over a period of 4 weeks. The effects on the skin and the patient. The experience of caregivers was also asked.

Results of the study

  • All signs and symptoms of the eczema faded, in all patients
  • Skin visibly improved in most patients
  • Skin hydration improved in all patients
  • The complaints (night sleep, mood, social contact) improved in almost all patients
  • No side effects were noted

The health care providers rated ALHYDRAN as an effective and useful agent in the treatment of mild to moderate hypostatic eczema.

Conclusion of the study

Given the results, the conclusion was inevitable: ALHYDRAN is an effective, safe and useful treatment for hypostatic eczema.

 Check out the study here 

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